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»We returned 200 gold belts along the Klamath River in just a few hours! – August 2019

New 49th Newsletter

THIRD VOICE, AUGUST 2019, NAME 33, Number 5 ” width=”249″ height=”248″ />

Dave McCracken CEO

<img class = "gGimagem =" 18803 "src =" "alt =" Dr. Gold!  Gold Nugget!

Mike and Lynda Leamy are longtime, very supportive new 49 & # 39; er members who’re super-fantastic, Lynda as a result of she all the time has a smile on her face and a lot of goodwill and a depth of wisdom that doesn't seem to have any basis.

Mike is probably the most gifted kultakaivaja that I’ve ever met. over the past weekend, a group undertaking, Mike placed the very wealthy kullarivin Wingate actual property, which had been a lot shallow gold that he brought me handfuls gold leaf, which had just choosing the bedrock! It’s one thing, what never occurs During that challenge, we changed Mike's identify in The New 49's referred to as "Doctor Gold."

  Diane Helhesen

Diane Helhesen will never forget the new 49 & # 39; er!

Though he could also be the greatest researcher we’ve got in our affiliation, I’ve never seen signs of a personal ego despite the fact that he is digging for vital discoveries. I see that he enjoys making wealthy discoveries, and he rejoices in watching all the pleasure that his discovery brings with everyone else in these tasks.

We’ve got a special bucket where all the gold found on Sunday goes. . There's a locking lid, so we don't make errors by dropping gold to the ground. There’s all the time one very trusted one that keeps the gold scoop shut, so we don't lose it. At this occasion, the Golden Woman was one among our most dedicated members, Diane Helgeson. Diane additionally captured most of the footage and video in this text.

Back to Dr. Gold, I seemed intently at how, as soon as the gold he found was in good palms, his biggest joy was returning to discovery to find extra gold. I have owned virtually the whole adult in my life extraction of gold. All I can say is that Mike Leamy is a true gold seeker right right down to his coronary heart.

And that’s one among the reasons I was so pleased during this latest Weekend Group undertaking. Mike and Lynda have been going to hitch us. With Dr. Gold in the venture, it was certain that we have been going to get again a bunch of gold!

This challenge began with 70 individuals, together with myself. We all the time spend a Saturday morning in the air-conditioned Completely satisfied Camp Senior Citizen and start with the demonstrations. It is all the time fascinating to seek out out where individuals are coming from and to listen to a little about their personal stories of how they turned members of our group at Pleased Camp. Some members supply very colourful shows. All of this contributes to the special teamwork experience we take pleasure in at the weekend.

 smiling couple

And then for the advantage of those who haven’t listened to what I am speaking about persevering with with the sampling. In line with the plan, we’ll dedicate a number of hours to rigorously explaining the most essential fundamentals of gold mining – to begin with, in finding top quality gold reserves. We name this the "sampling plan". The sampling plan is something that I, my mining associate, for many years and hundreds of New 49 members have worked arduous to develop and seek the fact.

Fact? Yeah; In case you are eager about it, if you don’t yet know where the wealthy deposits are, it’s worthwhile to find them by digging small samples in multiple locations and comparing totally different results to seek out out where there’s more gold. You then continue sampling with the strongest gold line until you discover the concentration of the uncooked materials. Concentrations accumulate throughout extraordinarily extreme storms. Sampling is all the time what you’re truly finding (the fact), in contrast to what you’d relatively discover.

We give everyone an hour an hour to eat food and pull gear collectively once I'm talking. completed. Then we drive to the place where we’ll spend the remainder of the weekend. We have been back to our Wingate real property for this venture. However we have been heading to the far aspect of the river, the place several members stated that they had found "good gold" with some of the greater flakes and little gold instances. These stories got here from lengthy-time members Craig Colt, Derek Eimer, Laura Bagley and Scott Coleman, all of whom stay in Completely satisfied Camp and dedicate most of our winter months to our exploration along my very in depth mining properties. ” width=”400″ height=”300″ />

These guys are such good researchers. They absolutely perceive the requirement that we should do these weekend tasks with numerous gold. They’re so supportive of our affiliation that if any of them report a good gold spot, I don't have to affirm the spot in advance with my own sampling. This tells a lot about the search potential and personal integrity of those fantastic members. I often insure a deposit before getting 69 members there to search for gold. It’s because I’ve the somewhat disagreeable expertise of sharing little gold between an aggressive group of members.

I never need to do it once more!

On Saturday afternoon at about 2:00 pm, I led down the street about 9 miles from Completely satisfied Camp. Hinai my jet, which was used to move every thing across the river. There have been so many automobiles behind my automotive that I couldn't see the finish of the line, even on the straight sections of Freeway 96!

Everyone was directed to park on the street a brief distance from Wingate. There are paths to the river that each one lead closer to the place we might be on the different aspect of the river. I launched the boat with the Wingate boat ramp and carried several members whose physical injuries are usually not going to allow them to stroll the trails.

There have been several quite giant groups of excited members waiting along the river by the time we acquired there. with the boat. I feel it took a dozen back and a quarter to get virtually the whole lot moved to the far aspect of the river where we have been wanting. As a precaution each passenger in my boat wears a life jacket. I drive a boat slowly and easily when it is filled with individuals.

  Race up the river   Dave racing boat


but I drive the boat as fast as it goes once I return to the next load myself. My entire life has been targeted on water adventures and boats. Right here is a video captured on certainly one of my return journeys:

As I moved individuals across the river, I found that Dr. Gold parked his automotive on the street, stepped out and observed a quarter-ounce of gold. Nugget just lying there in the filth. The Nugget was principally leveled – like about a million automobiles and lorries had handed it. Please do not? Who does it? Dr. Gold is the only I know! I'm sorry, once I say that this sudden discovery is so back to me, that to me has never occurred to taking a picture Nugget. Annoyance! Take it from me: It was huge and delightful!

This early discovery was a positive sign that we discovered plenty of gold during our group challenge!

On a Saturday afternoon, these tasks largely imply getting to know everyone at the location where we do a group manufacturing mining venture (very small scale) on a Sunday morning. Everyone spreads across the area by making pot samples. We need to find the most efficient places. Freshmen are taught the right way to transport gold.

Panning is just not troublesome. But you want to practice your physique to do the right strikes. I consider there were solely 2 members who had no previous panning experience. The skilled members gave them their palms. I heard part of this video sequence:

  ladies panning   learning panning

  typical sample

We think about this a good pattern.

I liked the water and the boats before joining the US Navy at the age of 19. At that time we have been nearing the end of the Vietnam Warfare. I have to get my life on monitor and develop into an grownup, I declared myself a condition to attempt naval seals. I put every little thing in a row; as a result of if I failed my training, I used to be going to spend the remainder of my 44 years portray on some board.

It was the most troublesome and brave apply in the world at the time. The proportion of interruptions was equal to or greater than 90% of skilled individuals. In truth, no one graduated from my class that followed me. Though it was extremely troublesome, I graduated from SEALS with six others at the age of 57.

Establishing the SEAL workforce put my entire life on monitor. It modified my view in many essential methods. It additionally introduced me warmly to the brother of special individuals. While we might not all the time agree on all the things, nothing can diminish secondary respect.

I don't have to know an lively or former SEAL to supply him friendship and help on virtually any degree. That is why I am so happy when SEALS or different particular forces veterans associated with The New 49 & # 39; ersiin. It occurs each time. We might be extra of those guys if we obtained the engines again and obtained again to the wealthy gold shops at the bottom of the river.

In this specific venture, the former SEAL, Steve Posey, introduced his son Travis with him for the first time. Steve has joined us in the past by bringing in other particular troops. Every time we meet particular forces guys, I’m going out of my approach to place them. In addition to a shared comrade, these guys make up America's Prime. They danger all the things to keep America free. Here is a video I captured of Steve and Travis:

  Floating Lock

Here's a floating lock in action!

With all the pancake exercise happening, a number of others and I moved the floating barrier out of quicker water and set it up for the subsequent day. This floating barrier was built in our store utilizing a further recovery system from the 6-inch Proline dredging. We installed it on two huge pontoons. The help frame is designed so that we will decrease the barrier deeper into the river in order that the proper stream of water passes over the reefs. Diane captured the following video, which will provide you with a higher image:

Rifles are fascinating obstacles in gold that rest on the "bottom of the lock box". As a result of gold is about five occasions heavier than the common gravel we work on, gold sits behind the reefs, while most of the lighter sand and gravel passes by way of. We now have locking hubs at each corners of the floating closure to maintain the platform secure and selected the method you want. On this means, we’re capable of deal with a great amount of hand-dug items of filth without using motor pumps.

 Boating across the river I ferried every little thing again over the river in a few hours. We don't want individuals to go away for too long on a hottest Saturday afternoon. It’s because the actual exercise and pleasure of the weekend occurs throughout the cool hours of Sunday morning.

Throughout these weekend tasks, we all the time meet back at 6:30 pm in the Elderly Hall on a Saturday night time for a potluck dinner. and a brief assembly, primarily on Sunday morning to verify plans. We encourage everybody to convey something to advertise the meal and like to deliver something to drink.

There have been so many members in Potluck that there were not enough chairs to plant everyone! No one appeared to thoughts. The roaring of enthusiastic chat was a nice approach to end the first day. There were all types of fantastic food.

  Filling the Envelopes

Volunteers who came to the workplace and packed all the mail they sent.

We are presently encouraging everybody to put in writing a letter in help of a petition by federal government officials to assist California and other government businesses get out of mining in federal states. You will discover a more detailed rationalization in this last month's publication. I took the opportunity to get so many members current in the potluck to offer them with paper and a pen. We collected a entire bunch of handwritten letters. We’ll then arrange volunteers to return to the workplace the following week to copy each letter to the 10 further officials listed in the petition and positioned in addressed and stamped envelopes. We ended up with about 300 letters in complete. They are mailed in batches each day. Very cool!

Sunday morning is once we all work collectively to dig and deal with the a lot better payroll we discovered there on a Saturday afternoon.

We met at the Wingate property at 6 in the morning. The Sunday morning. The thought is to finish all physical work earlier than reaching the warmth of the day at the workplace. Once I reached the boat downhill at exactly 6 o'clock in the morning, it appeared that the whole crew had already arrived. I had 6 disabled members on the boat. In order that they first arrived at the website.

We are very lucky to have about a dozen or extra very loyal, very experienced members who volunteer to serve as assistants. tasks. It isn’t potential for me to manage so many people with out the help of others. We often first bring about half of the helpers to the different aspect of the river. They assist individuals safely step out of the boat. Additionally they distribute a whole lot of buckets to locations where we discovered more gold the day before. Other assistants often keep on the river aspect of the river to help me decrease the boat to the right place, get individuals to the rescue and assist them on the boat so nobody slips and falls.

  Lovely river landscape

Is this place lovely or what?

As we moved everyone across the river and every thing was in line with what elements they have been going to play, the entire group slipped into high gear; and it was like one huge engine of human productivity there. Diane captured a video from the website just after I ended main the complete crew throughout the river:

My main focus was to ensure the floating barrier was chosen to perfection. Right here is the floating lock in the video:

I don't assume longtime member and local Joyful Camper, Mark Turner, has ever ever forgotten a weekend undertaking or different exercise once we asked for help. . Mark has built a giant quad-core score display that successfully screens dry pay at a fee of about six seconds per bucket. That is much quicker than using in-store normal measurement classifiers. We solely fill the buckets of excavated materials midway. In any other case, it is troublesome to move them on an uneven floor.

  Mark Turner   Volume Screening

The right classification ("sizing") of pay dust is a essential a part of gold recovery. Right here is a video we captured of Mark displaying his manufacturing:

  Woman Smiling   smiling gal

  individuals having enjoyable . I can solely say that there was so much excavation happening, not lengthy earlier than virtually all buckets have been filled with screening fees. As regular, our members have been wanting to pay the salary about twice as quick as a floating lock might handle it effectively. By this I mean that when you feed an excessive amount of material into the closet directly, the riffs (gold traps) will disappear (buried), and the payroll filth might be swept via and carry some of the gold with it.

Right here is a video that Diane captured on Sunday morning excessive above the river and where we will watch the entire program because I defined the incident:

It's not enough that Dr. Gold stumbled upon a quarter-ounce gold basket the day earlier than. His magical contact handed instantly on Sunday morning. I used to be down near the boat capturing photographs with the digital camera as Dr. Gold dealt together with his first choice of supplies. The roast only had one small move by means of. With none indicators of disappointment, he shrugged and headed again to his mine.

Just a moment later, Dr. Gold's different pan produced two small flaps and a small gold flake. There was nothing to get excited about. Most of the previous day's pancake samples have been extra fertile. Then he went once more. “Gold mining is not always the same thing,” it happened by way of my thoughts. “Typically you make a huge strike; and other occasions you will see that very little. "Nevertheless it was too early to dismiss Dr. Gold's magic …

At the similar time, pay-dust buckets have been largely crammed, screened, and ready for their flip. for consideration. This enables everybody there to get out a bit, sit on the rocks, take pleasure in the beautiful surroundings and get to know one another better. Lots of of lifelong friendships have been shaped in this manner over many years. These tasks are usually not just about work. They’re additionally purported to be fun. We’re having enjoyable; and typically one thing particular occurs that creates nice adventures for everybody there.

Seeing him chill out on the rocks ready for an additional scoop, I took the opportunity to interview Lynda Leamy with a video digital camera shifting: [19659070] Gold ” width=”400″ height=”300″ />

Dr. Gold scratched some rocky crevices.

Just as the occasion was scripted because we have been all principally in rest, Dr. Gold walked to our processing website with a small plastic dust bin that only held a handful of material. A small group of others who had longed for the similar space followed him intently. There was a very nice flake-like doll sitting on the filth. He prompt that someone peel the materials, "because there was more gold we couldn't see yet." Jim Bear pan the materials solely to reveal certainly one of the greatest gold pans, which I’ve seen a very very long time! This was an unbelievably great amount of gold, which was solely about a quarter of the average gold need for unprotected filth. Fortuitously, I used to be proper there to seize the excitement with the video:

You see in the movies I joked with Dr. Gold about having a secret gold jar he makes use of to salt his gold he finds throughout our challenge. That is just for fun. It's my means of recognizing his magical exploration. I've by no means met anybody who can come across gold like him. Nor have I ever met anyone who can be stupid sufficient to throw giant amounts of lovely raw wealth into the nation so he might find it once more and hand over most of it to others.

The truth is that there are too many others. Discover somebody secretly to remove the gold from the bottle or plastic zipper bag and pour it into the properly website. Anyone would see it. In addition, it is physically unimaginable to put gold beneath a exhausting-packed stream pension. Solely God has the power to do it.

Others additionally found good massive gold flakes and some nonsense. Listed here are some footage of Jim Bear displaying his excitement. Jim, by the approach, may be found on youtube in search of the yellow backside:

  thumbs up! Gold Straps in Pan

I encouraged a number of others to go up and dig nearer to Physician Gold. They just went there to see because we have been all waiting for the buckets.

  gold   gold straps
  gold pan

This pattern came from a handful of unscreened materials! [19659012] Solely a little later, Dr. Gold got here again down with a group of others who had been looking. He nonetheless used a small plastic dust container. The dust container might have contained solely a little more than a handful of unprotected items. There have been three nice gold hoodies on the proper that hid the dust. After panning the materials, a implausible line of hits and enormous flat flakes have been revealed. Past perception! The gold woman was in the proper place to grab it in our particular gold bucket with the lid closed tight. I was there once more with the camcorder:

At this level, perhaps round 10am, a bunch of us started joking that we should always depart Dr. Gold there for the remainder of the day, while the remainder of us returned to Completely satisfied Camp and relaxed for the rest of the day. Really, we might have executed it; as a result of we had already dug and screened extra pay dust than it was time for us to deal.

  pay filth in buckets

pay dust that was excavated and screened, but we left it later on account of lack of processing time!

 Travis Driving Boat Usually, when we’ve more payroll dust than we will deal with during the venture, once we cease feeding the feed again system, I invite anybody who needs to take the bucket pay card back house or to the camps for processing. Many individuals have been excited about this concept.

We all the time attempt to make these events good for all collaborating youngsters or young adults. Although they don’t respect occasions once they happen, the experiences we share out in the open air are personal adventures that they may drastically respect later in life

As we have been in the wind defend, I asked 12-year-previous Travis if he needed to take a shot whereas driving my jet boat rapids by way of the collection. No hesitation; he was able to go! His father took motion on the video:

  on the lookout for a shutdown   completely happy group of individuals

I referred to as it to close quickly after about 10am and punctiliously transfer the floating shutter into shallow water the place we will safely take away all gold and seals from the recovery system. As we removed the screens and embossing, everybody burst into completely happy cheers as a bunch of gold got here to mild. The rubber mats along the backside of the barrier have been full of advantageous gold. There have been good massive golden flakes throughout the prime of the barrel and worry. This was the greatest cleansing we've seen in years! All of us pulled for betting that we acquired at the least an oz of gold. All the seal concentrates and gold have been poured into a particular gold container. Here is a video that captured the last a part of the barn cleanup: By "concentrates" I mean that these gold recovery methods are designed to seize and centralize all of the heaviest materials that is fed to them.

Concentrates often include gold and a variety of black sand (iron) and small iron stones.

  Driving a Boat

Bringing a disabled member down a boat, even by means of extraordinarily turbulent rapids!

The day went by shortly and we nonetheless needed to separate the gold from about a third of the bucket seals. I instantly used the boat to ferry everybody across the river. The time was round 11 am The warmth of the day had still not reached the other aspect of the river we had been engaged on. My assistants have been final going. It’s because that they had made positive that each one gear was in place, that dangerous holes had been crammed, and that no debris had been left behind.

We’ll never flip anybody on these tasks until they are so disabled that they exist. they haven’t any affordable strategy to take part. Typically we get individuals with disabilities that don’t permit them to hike up and down the paths to and from the river. However they’re able to contribute once they arrive at work. So long as they’re able to drive each methods by means of pretty critical rapids, we’ll assist them get in and out of the boat and give them a journey they’ll never forget . The river's water is sort of shallow this yr. This dramatically will increase the probabilities of us bumping into rocks as we race via the rapids and different shallow areas. However we didn't hit any rocks right now. Here it’s in the video:

All of us agree to satisfy back at our workplace to start out the last cleaning at 2pm. This gave a few of us some time to take away my jet from the river and take it house. Diane is a massive assist in these tasks. With the golden bucket firmly in his hand, he stayed with me till we arrived at the office. It is a vital private obligation to maintain all gold protected till it’s correctly cleaned and everyone is given a share. We take this very significantly!

I was expecting to have to tug all of our ultimate cleansing provides out of the warehouse and set it on the outdoors wall of the picnic area near the front nook of our workplace constructing. But as we drove to the parking zone, Diane and I have been happy to seek out that John Rose already had all that gear installed and ready to go. Extremely clean!

John has been deputy director of New 49 for so long as I can keep in mind. Because of his trustworthy dedication to these duties, I am free to go away Joyful Camp in the winter months to seek out golden adventures overseas.

  Dave McCracken   Boating

Boating is my favorite activity in the world!

I now have a 56-foot luxurious motor yacht in the Philippines that has come to its method. Close pals and I have changed this to 800 HP platform in a unbelievable submarine. I now personal the winter months touring in the Philippines, which is usually water, spear fishing and underwater exploration. That is a lifelong dream for me.

Beneath John's management, our Completely satisfied Camp program runs as smoothly as attainable. I can handle legal points and write newsletters anyplace on the planet with an Web connection. The boat offers Internet access by way of satellite uplink.

With the assist of my skilled helpers, we did a temporary ultimate cleansing step with everybody who watches. There was a lot of gold! I guess Craig Colt was on the greenback, that we solely had an oz. Then I put my guess on the dollar with another person who stated we acquired greater than an oz. It's all enjoyable and properly fitted to any participant's enthusiastic chat. All debts have been paid as quickly as gold was weighed in our proportions.

  Gold Straps in Metallic Armor   Individuals Observe

The actual value of this cleanup was the 200 gold straps we had recovered. It was admitted that the majority Hugues have been small. A bit of gold is technically nonsense if it doesn't move via a 10 mesh display.

Finally, the scale weighed 19 pounds (20 pence equal to troy ounces of gold). We have been centimeters brief to succeed in our aim full ounces. Maybe if we have been to cope with the remnants already mined and screened, we might have greater than achieved our aim. However how do I do know?

On Sunday morning, the spot worth of gold recovered rose to $ 1,360. I made a suggestion to keep all the gold in return for throwing a huge pizza celebration with all the beer or different drinks to please everyone. “All in favor?” No participant supported this concept. They by no means exist!

There have been 53 individuals in the division who had been present throughout our excavation. Divided into 455 grains (about 19 centimeters by weight), the weight of the particular person splits was about eight.56 grains. Normally, the individual splits of those tasks are 6-7 grains. I don't keep in mind the last time when individual splits have been over 7 grains. This, like all Hughes, gave everyone one thing to please.

The four gold troubles weighed more than 8.56 grains. One lovely golden hoodie was a penny and a half! To maintain things truthful, all of us agree on a drawing system that permits the lucky four to choose their nuggets. Boy have been those comfortable individuals! They have been really lovely gold jewellery!

Then we had to put down the remaining weight towards 49 individuals. From there, I measured just beneath eight grains for each complement. That is still a report of a minimum of five years. Perhaps ten years!

With the help of John and a number of other different members, it did not take lengthy for particular person shares to be distributed. It was difficult to make it occur with the noise of the pleasure produced by the members. This excitement roar is all the cost I personally have to continue managing these weekend tasks.

After a bunch of us had packed up the gear building stairs and set it to the place it belongs, everyone went on to experience more adventure in their lives. I was advised that a giant pile of rewards we left on the ground had been absolutely processed before Sunday night time. I heard that some individuals even swam there to get their share of what we left behind.

2019 Occasion Program

During the first two weekends of the season, our group mining tasks went very properly. Certainly one of the stories has been revealed above. Toinen projekti tarjoaa erinomaisen videoparannetun tarinankerronnan, kun olemme viimeistelleet tämän viimeisen pyrkimyksen voittaa alamme takaisin.

Jäljellä oleva 2019-viikonlopputapahtuma useless muutamassa viikossa: 17. ja 18. elokuuta. Muuten lukuisat kiinteistömme ovat saatavilla kaikille jäsenille 24 tuntia vuorokaudessa, 365 päivää vuodessa, jotta voit tehdä omia etsivää seikkailuja. Eli ellei ole hätätilannetta, joka sulkee metsän alas, kuten vaarallinen tulipalo. Meillä ei ole toistaiseksi ollut mitään vakavia metsäpaloja tänä vuonna, joten ilma on mukavaa ja selkeää.

Menestyvä kulta etsintä on oppimiskäyrä. Yksi tehokkaimmista tavoista edetä oppimiskäyrällä on jatkaa etsintää seikkailuihin muiden kanssa, jotka ovat kokeneempia kuin sinä.

2 päivän ryhmäkaivosprojektimme ovat yksi ensisijaisia ​​hyötyjä uuden 49'er-jäsenyydestä, joka erottaa meidät muista kaivosyhdistyksistä. All weekend occasions are free to Full & Affiliate Members. All individuals share equally in the gold we get well.

Group tasks are limited to a certain number of members. Scheduling in advance is strongly advised to ensure a position on any specific weekend undertaking: 530 493-2012  

Motion Alert: We Still Have an Alternative to Open Suction Dredges on the Federal Lands!

Action Alert by Tom Kitchar, President of Waldo Mining District

Now that we have now the attention and help from Trump administration officers, the next step forward for us has been to draft a Petition to the Division of Inside (DOI) to perform an official Rulemaking process to vary the federal laws in a approach that forestalls States from interfering with mining on the Federal Lands, to get rid of duplicative and unreasonable regulation, and to stop the States from prohibiting mining on the federal lands.

The Petition was submitted in mid-June. This is an business-extensive program which enjoys help from all or most mining associations. There have also been letters of help from several county governments that have sustained critical financial hurt because of the misguided insurance policies towards mining by some State businesses.

The petition has landed residence the place it needs to be. It is being taken significantly. Now, if we will just please take it to the subsequent step: We have to encourage supportive messages from as many people as we will. This is the second of fact! However some other alternatives that would arise in the future, this is, to a giant extent, our final opportunity in the foreseeable future to regain the use of our mechanized gear and gold dredges.

To assist you with this, we’re attaching the Petition. This must both be linked to emails or included with onerous copies of help: 

We are attaching a link which supplies most of the contact particulars for the officers that we need to reach right now:

We are additionally attaching a simple article which describes what a suction dredging is: Perhaps you need to enclose or connect this info in tour message.

There’s a further link which offers some speaking factors to assist if you would like some help together with your messages: material/uploads/2019/07/petition-speaking-factors.pdf

In the event you please send your messages to every individual on the listing, especially the two prime DOI officials listed at the starting of the Petition, and in addition to Mr. Trump; we might find ourselves in a federal Rulemaking course of that may lastly permit us to defend towards the false claims being made towards us by the radical extremists who’re doing every part inside their energy to undermine the economic wellbeing of America.

We are thanking you with all sincerity for any and all assist you’ll be able to provide in this effort!

2019 Schedule of Occasions

Our first weekend Group Mining Undertaking of the season went very nicely. It should make for some wonderful video-enhanced storytelling once we full this newest effort to win our business again.

Remaining 2019 occasion: August 17 & 18.

There’s a learning curve to profitable gold prospecting. Certainly one of the best methods of progressing by means of the learning curve is to go on prospecting adventures with others who more experienced than you’re.

Our 2-day Group Mining Tasks are one among the main advantages of New 49’er membership which set us aside from other mining associations. All weekend events are free to Full & Affiliate Members. All members share equally in the gold we recuperate.

Group tasks are restricted to a certain variety of members. Scheduling in advance is strongly advised to ensure a place on any specific weekend challenge: 530 493-2012  

Schedule of Occasions

Planned Workplace Hours for the Time Being

Till additional notice, we’ll continue opening the doors between 9 AM and 4 PM on weekdays. The workplace might be closed on weekends, apart from the morning hours throughout the Saturdays once we are sponsoring the coming season’s remaining Weekend Group Tasks:  August 17 & 18. Our ultimate Saturday night potluck may even occur on August 17. 

Members are invited to sign in your whereabouts on our properties over the telephone in case there’s some purpose we need to discover you.

Our mining properties are freely obtainable to all members in good standing 24 hours a day, 365 days a yr, until the Klamath National Forest is closed resulting from wildfires.

For any problems, our Inner Affairs is on the market over the telephone: Richard Krimm is our Director of Inner Affairs, e-mail or call (510) 681 8066 (also out there after hours and on weekends).

The New 49’ers Authorized Fund-raiser!

Gold and Silver EaglesThere might be 25 prizes in all:
Grand Prize: 1-ounce American Gold Eagle
4 ¼-ounce American Gold Eagles
Ten 1/10th-ounce American Gold Eagles
Ten 1-ounce American Silver Eagles

Our office will routinely generate a ticket in your identify for every $10 authorized contribution we obtain ($100 would generate 10 tickets).

This drawing will happen at 2 pm on Friday, 18 October of this yr, at our headquarters in Glad Camp. You do not want to be a member of our organization to participate. You do not want to be present to win. There isn’t a restrict to the measurement or frequency of your contributions, or to the number of prizes you possibly can win.

Authorized contributions could be organized by calling (530) 493-2012, by mailing to The New 49’ers Authorized Fund, P.O. Field 47, Completely happy Camp, CA 96039, or on-line.

The New 49’ers Authorized Fund,

Our most honest thanks to everybody who’s supporting our efforts to win our business again. There’s good purpose for hope presently.

Greatest needs,

Dave McCracken


New 49’er Gold Prospecting Affiliation
27 Davis Street P.O. Box 47, Comfortable Camp, California 96039 (530) 493-2012

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