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»California's water quality is authorized to support suction! – September 2018

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  Dave McCracken

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The California Water Name Quality Control, I and a number of other different business leaders have been invited to participate in two separate assembly in Sacramento last August.

Between these two conferences, the next representatives of our business: Self, representing New 49 corporations; Wealthy Crimea represents new 49th-century house affairs powers (Wealthy has the facility to make selections on your organization during my absence); Jim Yerby represents the brand new 49th statutory fund; Craig Lindsay represents Western Mining Alliance; Bill Fisher; Jim & Emily Rankin representing Shasta Miners & Prospectors Association; Shannon Poe & Jere Clemants (Joe) both symbolize the American Rights Affiliation (AMRA). I'm sorry I didn’t point out a couple of others, because I used to be not in a position to make a reputation in the login page

Every meeting was a representative of the California senator Stonein workplace. Keep in mind Senator Stone here. His presence at these conferences is very helpful for protecting the process trustworthy and constructive.

I estimate that there have been at the least five representatives at both meetings of the Water Board of the California Water Assets Board. However the two individuals who take the lead on this course of are RenanJauregui & Afrooz.Farsimadan. Each could be achieved by taking good care of their names @

Please notice that these have been informal meetings designed to help the waterworks better understand how our business works earlier than they publish the Draft Proposal. When the draft is revealed, everybody is invited to participate within the official process. Nobody is excluded.

Diana Messina, Head of Floor Water Permission, responded to the primary meeting and did a very good job to current the Water Board's place. He is clearly very capable, and we will solely hope that he will stick with him.

Listed here are a few of the factors we mentioned at conferences, and a few of my personal thoughts and thoughts.

1) The Water Board has determined to approve the Statewide Nationwide Pollutant Emission Allowance System (NPDES), which permits for support for suction dredging in the state of California. Section 402 of the Federal Clean Water Act allows EPAs and particular person states to which EPA has authorized a public authority to regulate sources of pollution that launch pollution into US waters. With this in mind, the talk and the controversy have been vital, and even some ongoing trials in Oregon on whether or not the Dredging Gear will remove all impurities, because we won’t add anything to water that is not yet there.

Though there are totally different views on this, I consider it is protected to say that, in full, if we have been to regulate federal clear water regulation, most of our group believes that if in any respect, we ought to be in 404. Part 404 of the Clear Water Act (CWA) supplies for a program to regulate discharges of dredging or filling material into US waters

Section 402 is topic to US EPA. Article 404 is underneath the control of the US Army Engineers (Army). I perceive that the regulation allows only actions akin to ours to regulate one in every of these CWA sections, however not both.

In accordance to Chapter 404, there are exceptions which are simply applied to what we do with suction dredging. Just one instance of the appreciable litigation in the giant mining business is that the military pressure is pressured to permit exceptional modifications inside the limits of regulation beneath part 404. When taking a look at "random return" is a cloth that may wash away a large-scale excavation challenge used to deepen the duct within the harbor. As I understand it, the courts determined that nothing has been added to the backup, and it is stored in or near the primary excavation, should not be thought-about as an impurity for CWA regulation.

Random backup goes a lot additional than bucket falling. It additionally describes the location mining operations that dig material from the waterway, transport the fabric via a gravity restoration system to extract minerals without including some other substance, and then disassemble the dredged material back to or near the dump website. This describes precisely what we do in suction, solely on a much smaller scale than what was in dispute.

For a better understanding, I recommend you take a look at the explanation of the military forces in the federal register right here. [19659014] You need to know that, in the mild of the current regulation, the military has accepted nationwide exceptions for small-scale suction (up to four inches in measurement, I consider).

Senior administration at the Waterboard in California has decided not to undertake the 404 strategy. As an alternative, they have determined to lay down a small suction press according to section 402, which assumes that we launch emissions into waterways. The query remains, what impurities can we get? Stay with me and play beneath the techniques underneath the sport

As we’ve said in California throughout ten years of litigation and ultimately lose all instances; The California courtroom system has utterly turned its back on atypical residents who are in search of unreasonable motion by the state's legislative and government authorities. No less than in the intervening time, the potential of applying for an exemption from a state courtroom is not out there .

I'm alone behalf exceptions offered army forces 404 Water Board employees, which is actively creating its 402 allows our regulatory system. Nevertheless, my greatest guess is that 404 exceptions are being retained as a result of the decision to proceed with section 402 has been made by others in the command chain. So we now have to transfer forward within the brief time period with the truth of part 402.

I say "in the short term" because despite the fact that we don't see it on tv, Mr Trump's "Make America Great" program has progressed quickly to open up resource improvement in federal states. In his numerous speeches, he has referred to the discount of protected (developmental) national monuments, other federal states set to the bounds of sustainable improvement, and probably even some sort of improvement inside the wilderness areas. You possibly can solely see the unfavorable aspect of the primary stream counterfeit.

Some states have launched various lawsuits with (many) extremist Liberals and environmental teams funded by George Soros. Cease Mr Trump's "Make America Great" program. These are the identical groups, lots of which have invaded state and federal businesses and elements of the state and federal legislators who’ve stopped suction dredging (together with tree improvement, cultivation, grazing, and so on.) with California and elsewhere in the final ten for a yr.

Though we’ve never damaged any particular person fish in any method. However they comprehend it. Our problem has never been fish. For many who oppose us, no less than at the administrative degree, it has all the time undermined the fundamentals of what is first of America great. I urge you to take the time to go through the record of leftist organizations, either instantly or financially, owned by George Soros. You’ll acknowledge the names of many organizations, including environmental groups, with all however not killing affordable and sustainable useful resource improvement on our federal lands. For that, even on personal land.

The underside line is that America is in another civil struggle! Thus far, the conflict doesn’t occur with weapons and bombs. However think about it: The rationale to bombard a mine or manufacturing unit is to put it out of production. If a mine or manufacturing unit could be adjusted or out of production, we’ve the identical end result – until the individuals who have lost their livelihood don’t perceive the reasons. We’re advised that it saves fish or birds or bugs. However it is really about weakening American production capacity.

I do know that typically the tough language and conduct of Mr Trump exclude some individuals. My answer to this is that we aren’t in a favorite competition. Let's just be prior to now! We are in very shut competition to win the American dream! I can solely say that if it weren’t for Mr Trump, we might have lengthy misplaced the second American Civil Conflict in a country where he would rule with Hilary Clinton.

Right here is my prediction: If Trump's agenda is profitable, the Trump workforce will ultimately win over American home enemies (all levels of government) who have determined to burn American forests (and now the complete rural group) to return to sustainable forest management that creates wealth and prosperity for all People. This strategy consists of us as small-scale gold miners who restore America's true wealth, remove mercury, lead and different toxins from the nation's waterways and create wealth for rural communities

. denies California's determination to management suction dredging underneath section 402 of the CWA. This similar thing has already been challenged in Oregon. Apart from, Trump finally wins trials on the same legal points that hold us again. If he can't do it, we’ll by no means return to the American dream we grew up (of those that are sufficiently old to keep in mind true freedom).

We anticipate the California Water Board to absolutely approve the Statewide Water Quality Allow, which allows (perhaps) suction dredging in accordance with part 402 of the CWA.

2) I apologize for the long rationalization above. However I feel it is essential to set up some foundations to make the remaining more comprehensible.

three) After taking a number of hours at two conferences with the water middle employees answerable for creating a water quality permit for suction dredging in California, and listening rigorously to their comments, my private impression is that this mid-degree employees is geared in the direction of creating a water quality licensing system that works for our business. I’ve not discovered any anger for our business. In reality, Diana Messina, highly head of the surface water permeability department, gave a bold statement that "the water board is legally obliged to develop a licensing system that works for our business. “Another method stated: I feel that this employees doesn’t have a canine in battle to forestall us from getting again into the water.

four) This evolution is an incredible change to what we now have

5) In reality, I get the water board really questioning the issues of setting the necessities of section 402 for us really which has been developed (very) huge

6) I get Water Board employees on the lookout for solutions that stability the needs of the group and the requirement to mitigate real environmental issues

Here we wer e in 1994 after two failed public processes (corrupt attempts to cease California's underwater Gold Quarrying) when Pete Wilson, the Governor of the Republic, asked for current Fish & Recreation remedy, and was lastly in a position to evaluate actual employees concerned about dredging mining and creating laws that might remove or scale back potential harm to acceptable ranges. These laws stored our business up and operating for 15 years!

7) Because the 2012 Fish & Wildlife suction dredging rules, now absolutely authorised by California regulation, have principally decreased us to dredging along California's larger waterways. I strongly suspect that the haze of our wastewater discharges might be a critical water quality drawback. The rationale for this is that there are several official research which have led to this similar conclusion. This is especially true of the Klamath River, where the water quality is poor.

8) The primary concern for water quality is the potential discharge of some metals, that are thought-about hazardous according to the instructions in part 402. The state's (defective) strain is that heavy metals, akin to mercury, are locked into the underside of waterways belonging to "armored streams", which are often not disturbed or moved by normal floods. Basically, I might agree that this is true when armored streambeds exist. Larger storm events (which at the moment are more widespread due to warming tendencies) create sufficient violence on the waterways to break up exhausting-packed streamers and push every thing downstream, including any mercury or different heavy metals which will occur

Give it some thought: If huge storms typically don't occur to break up and divide the pressed strains, how to dig deeper into the earth to the bedrock throughout geological time? In different words: How are armored streambeds in place at the bottom of the waterway if they don’t seem to be washed there by giant storms?

So the water board and our loyal enemies have set this course of on the false premise of the start. Hold reading to see how massive this error is.

It is typical of progressive logic to ignore the long-term and focus solely on brief-time period results. Long-term considering makes America good again! Eradicating suction presses from removing 98% of mercury from waterways, while 2% remains, without some other choice to remove mercury, is both an misguided design for brief-term thinkers or careful planning with American inner enemies. The rationale is that it is extremely dangerous, politically motivated, leadership.

Permit me to inform you: The California Water Board carried out a survey a few years in the past, analyzing how much mercury might be recovered in a normal dredging space (Auburn Creek Motherlode) recognized by suction presses as a mercury hotspot. It was not a controlled research because they did not analyze the uncooked material in front of the dredging to decide how much mercury was on the wire or on the bedrock, and what half was ground. "Blossoming Mercury" began in liquid type, nevertheless it has been subjected to a lot violence that it is divided into hundreds of thousands of so small particles that you simply don't see them with the bare eye until they are plentiful.

I’ve little liquid mercury skilled. I know from in depth private expertise that you simply can’t break down liquid mercury into ground mercury simply by shifting it to a traditional squeezer. You can break via the mercury for hours and hours in an aggressive drop tank full of quite a lot of dredging concentrates and metallic balls or heavy rods which are in conflict with critical violence.

A few years in the past, with considerations about damaging fish by sucking them by means of a squeezer, the Washington State Dredging Staff pointed out to lawmakers that sucking non-cooked scorching canine by means of a suction press did not cause any injury to the hotdogs. Thus, the notion that the squeezer causes enough violence to the mercury of the flour is absurd on his face

I also know from the in depth experience that the standard suction press recovers a lot of the liquid mercury, however not the bottom mercury that strikes with normal operating materials. The person particles of the ground mercury are so small that they can’t separate themselves from the turbulent movement that moves with the larger stones being pushed via the water via the peculiar sliding housing. Though dredging might be seized by some, the smallest mercury particles are only washed via the slide box with water and lighter gravel materials.

Right here's the large query: Is suction dredging a "source" of a small particle that already exists on a waterway? In fact not!

In any case, the Water Board research discovered that dredging collected 98 % of mercury.

The Water Board thought-about that the dredging material was treated as a raw materials.

The Water Board determined that the dredging induced 2% sparking. Fallacious!! This definition is not accepted by any scientific research that seeks fact. An essential unanswered question is whether the floured mercury existed earlier than the uncooked materials that was driven by way of the dredging? In fact it was!

Here is an essential point: I assume that the Water Board refuses to cope with this shortcoming in its research, that they want to state that, as dredging is the reason for floor mercury, dredging might be thought-about some extent justifying the administration of our business in accordance with section 402 of the CWA. Such prime-notch scientific selections aren’t from officers who need to assist America shine. They come from American domestic enemies

On this memo, the water middle returned to the same digging website within the following season and located that the bedrock contained plenty of flowering mercury. The place did it come from? The only conclusion to this is that mercury passes by way of some of California's waterways at every stormy event. But these new knowledge didn’t change their willpower that the suction weight was the supply of the purpose. You already know; simply the reality is going to put our business and America back again!

9) At the first assembly with Water Board employees, we requested whether or not our extra productive return of 98% mercury from California's waterways, or depart the whole lot within the downstream many years or centuries to contaminate future food supplies. Though the waterboard employees was clearly sympathetic to our position, they stated they have been sure by a regulation that did not permit any hazardous mercury emissions from our suction dredging methods. However are these emissions? Or are they only passing via present material?

Clearly, this mid-degree administration group can’t change or override current California regulation. So they are in search of options that permit us to return to the water with out destroying dangerous metals.

10) The good news is that this dredging research and others have been completed at already established mercury factors situated in suction presses the place mercury was seen in the bedrock. I consider such locations are far and little. For example, I have by no means seen Klamath River, mercury, and I have for many years made the dredging of high-quality gold deposits, which are additionally kerääntävät mercury, if it have been current.

11) Apart from a couple of outlined areas, the state does not know other mercury factors alongside the California rivers. In order that they fly blind. They do not know whether or not the other scorching spots for mercury, besides people who have already been found by the suction dredges,

12). I ask you to learn the water board page explaining the continued undertaking to approve the NPDES allow beneath part 402 of the CWA. Initially of 2017, undertaking employees organized 5 public workshops. It might be protected to say that the two meetings last month have been a continuation of their knowledge collection process.

13) The water board employees is unaware of whether or not California's waterways are utterly buried in mercury or scorching spots of mercury are rare. Years ago, some rivers have been monitored by mercury in water columns, each during common movement durations and during excessive water events, where the mercury content all the time elevated. Some specific kinds of critteres have been also monitored on waterways that gather mercury when they are current. I don't know what occurred to these packages. But it might appear that they would offer the perfect obtainable info.

14) In addition to this, the water board employees has made it clear that they’re proceeding to the NPDES license. The top of the story. So the query is, how can we adapt our suction press business to the process so that we will get the suction pumps back into the water in accordance with the 2012 squeezing laws already adopted by the California Regulation on Fish and Wildlife (DFW)

15) Solely a aspect notice right here: California Costly Litigation in California, Each of our many makes an attempt to resolve the 2012 DFW suction rules failed in California courts. The federal ninth Circuit Courtroom has a federal preemption case that challenges state authorities to ban mining on public lands. This is definitely an attraction to the US Supreme Courtroom. A constructive consequence might flip around us in California and all other golden states. A few of Trump's governance challenges even have the potential to relieve us closely of state regulation.

16) Again to NPDES: An important drawback for small miners is the price. As I perceive, the license software begins with an unpaid $ 2,000 charge. Then comply with-up prices are needed. I consider that the water board employees stated that they had identified 5-7 metals they have been nervous about. Main metallic is mercury. In order to preserve the integrity of the method, the monitoring have to be carried out by licensed technicians who send water samples to a California-licensed laboratory. Water samples are required before excavation, after dredging, and to some extent under the discharge. This course of is expensive. The waterboard employees expressed several occasions extra $ four,000.

17) In the course of the discussions, it was usually agreed that when part of the river was tracked to meet the conclusion that no harmful emissions of mercury and different hazardous emissions have been current, the monitoring activity might be stopped on that waterway. I perceive that the unique $ 2000 license software is a license that is good for five years.

18) We don't even understand how a lot the annual suction weight is paid by DFW. The quantity of $ 200 has floated round

19) Keep in mind; The 2012 suction press rules will open a lot of the main waterways for less than three months. Beforehand, we might dig all yr round at Klamath and Trinity Rivers.

20) Then there is a dialogue of leisure miners as in contrast to business miners. We do not want to make this claim right here. Nevertheless, we’d like to talk about how a lot time a person has for dredging. A person with every week or two is not going to spend hundreds of dollars on dredging! Up to three months, an individual has no assure that he will gather enough gold to offset the prices, even in a licensing system that costs hundreds of dollars.

21) As I stated earlier than, with a random exception, I do not consider within the licensing system of section 402 for people who simply want to spend a number of weeks enjoying the good outdoor, and maybe reveal their youngsters to real golden wealth on the backside of California's waterways. The aim of Article 402 was to handle giant quantities of waste-producing industries.

22) To my surprise and through different meetings, the water board employees additionally took under consideration these additional prices for particular person dredging gear.

23) As I perceive, their initial answer is to permit mining associations that provide access to multiple mining properties to all their members. “Mining Association” is a somewhat unfastened term that might be utilized to many various conditions. An amazing instance of the brand new 49th century is maybe 50 kilometers of waterway, which might be allowed to dredge according to the laws of 2012 for about 1,500 lively members. If our affiliation arranges a water allow underneath section 402 to cowl all of our belongings on behalf of all our lively members and organize for an satisfactory monitoring program, our lively members will solely want to get hold of a DFW suction permit.

24) It was recommended that an unbiased property owner might probably work with our association so that we might embrace his property beneath a water quality permit, develop into an lively member and permit dredging, even if his private qualities were not obtainable to others in our affiliation

25) In other phrases, there are not any restrictions on the instances where teams of suction machines can meet to share the cost of a water quality allow

26) The water union employees has drawn up a plan for this affiliation settlement as an concept to permit individuals who in any other case couldn’t justify spending money on squeezing shorter durations

27) So as to offer you a greater concept of ​​how the waterboard employees was trending before the primary assembly, right here's a hyperlink to the dialogue paper they despatched to us before the e-assembly. As you’ll be able to see, the discussion was about the fact that the suction dredgers got here into one of many teams (associations) to spread the water quality at a lower value than the licensing prices.

28) We have been despatched the same dialogue doc earlier than the second meeting

29) The new 49th-century individuals have already been organized, not only licensed to all the features we offer to our members, but in addition to other smaller associations and individual claimants, with actual estate in the current space of ​​duty (most of Siskiyou County, most of Klamath National Park in Northern California).

30) Our main query relates to how a lot and how typically monitoring is required over a 5-yr water quality allow. If some flexibility is allowed, step by step, I consider that we might launch the whole waterway dimension from dangerous heavy metallic pollution. and perhaps even figuring out scorching spots (if any) that might then be removed from the suction gasoline boundaries.

31) Other conferences in associations expressed some encouragement, though the price of monitoring, how typically and where, to what extent, and where,

32) In accordance to Water Quality employees, they hope to release their software for permission for public remark someday in February 2019. You possibly can invest yourself an inventory from which you’ll be able to report this hyperlink.

33) We should always permit turns when the general public process moves ahead; but according to this schedule Statewide NPDES permission shall be completed in April 2019.

34) As long as the monitoring plan is one which we expect we will obtain and afford, we’ll immediately send the appliance to all lively members with all obtainable features which might be authorized for suction press 2012 DFW settings.

35) I subsequently predict that it is a 50/50 probability that our members will dredge again through the upcoming 2019 season. We now have not seen such coefficients because we have now been closed in 2009.

36) Though I may be flawed, I see this as a short lived salvation from the present state of affairs, with no suction dredging at all – and the terribly incorrect definition of "suction press" in California, which is 300 meters away from the lively waterway used to facilitate extraction or refining of minerals. It is quite clear, this is what suction dredging is!

37) I’ve crossed my fingers that steady litigation (which is in our palms) at federal degree brings such nonsense to completion.

Many thanks to the members who have sent the annual fees!

We calculate all full members $ 50 annual payment in August. From September to the top of the yr, we now have had to charge vital property tax and archiving costs to the provincial authorities. Nämä ovat lakisääteisiä vaatimuksia, joiden avulla voimme jatkaa jäsentemme käytettävissä huomattavaa määrää liittovaltion kaivosvaatimuksia (60+ mailia kultarikkaista joki- ja puronominaisuuksista)

todellisuudessa kullan todellinen arvo näiden laajojen ominaisuuksien perusteella on luultavasti merkittävämpi kuin minkä tahansa planeetan rahoituslaitoksen nettovarallisuus. Meidän pitäisi kutsua kiinteistömme "Klamath First National Bank." Meillä on ainoa pankki maailmassa, jossa voit mennä ulos ja tehdä vetoa milloin tahansa. Maksua ei makseta. And also you never have to pay the gold back!

This is as close because it comes to a chance to keep a point of private freedom throughout troublesome or troubling occasions. So far as I do know, we are the one group on the earth that makes a very giant financial institution of pure wealth freely obtainable to our members on many, many properties which might be in affordable close proximity.

Having stated that, most of us stay dissatisfied that the State has been preventing us from using motors to achieve access to the more priceless deposits of gold which are largely out of attain to non-motorized packages. Please consider me once I say we’re exhausting each effort to reverse this example. As you possibly can see from above, the state of affairs won’t last perpetually.

Because it is, issues being the best way that they’re; even if every Full Member pays the $50 annual dues, and every Associate Member pays an annual renewal charge, I personally support value overruns with other sources of monthly revenue which I earned before turning into a gold miner, along with financial savings put away throughout better occasions.

Costs associated with maintaining our in depth properties, our material infrastructure, and to hold onto our very skilled and constant employees, exceed the quantity of revenue we usher in. I don’t anticipate this reality to change till either we get motors and underwater mining back, or till the greenback value of gold goes up so excessive that non-motorized mining will produce a dwelling wage.

There stays hope that America will wake up and understand we’d like to produce worth and wealth in extra of what we eat. Mr. Trump and his workforce appear to be main the charge on this, although he is not getting as a lot support from congress and the mainstream press that he deserves. Like him or not, our present president is leading the freedom and prosperity aspect of the prevailing civil warfare over the way forward for America. If Mr. Trump can’t succeed, there is no one else to take his place with any probability of success. The entire world hangs on this stability. It remains too early to predict the result.

One of many developments that provides me hope is the continued efforts by the Trump Staff and different conservatives to utterly overhaul the Endangered Species Act. (ESA) There is a robust push proper now to develop America’s pure assets in a accountable approach, moderately than to proceed making them off limits. This in itself is a cause to assist republicans keep management of the home and senate through the midterm elections.

It is the prevailing ESA that succeeded in killing the as soon as-profitable logging business in America that produced hundreds upon hundreds of excellent-paying jobs. It might be fascinating to see the statistics on how a lot timber is harvested off the federal lands today compared to how much is burned to the ground in wild fires due to actually silly insurance policies which have been adopted by State and federal authorities.

Our suction dredging business in the Western U.S. has been shut down over considerations for the endangered or threatened Coho salmon. This, despite the fact that there is zero evidence that suction dredging ever harmed a single fish of any sort. In reality, the newest research carried out on the cumulative influence of all suction dredging determined that the consequences have been so small that they might not be measured.

However the deep State is not inquisitive about real science that doesn’t support their narrative. Subsequently, productive exercise is closed down by the States while they proceed to sell hundreds of thousands of fish-kill licenses to anybody who needs to go fishing, and while our beneficial forests, and now some communities, are burning to the bottom.

These mid-degree managers in the California Water Board are a breath of recent air as they try to establish a program that may permit us to get productive again.

There are other signs that the political winds are finally trending more in our course. My sources are telling me that the State of California has knowledgeable the Klamath Nationwide Forest (KNF) (the place all our gold properties are situated) that they need to prepare for suction dredging to begin up again through the 2019 summer time season. KNF has taken this significantly sufficient to publish an skilled Minerals Officer within the Fort Jones District that manages both the Salmon and Scott River watersheds. The Salmon River is ground zero  the place all the years of litigation started so a few years ago..

Pretend news and left-leaning political activism apart, in the long run, it is going to solely be integrity and pursuit of the truth that may lead us in the direction of enlightenment and prosperity. There appears to be some significant progress in the meanwhile.

There is more hope now than there was 2 years ago!

I’m eternally grateful to those of you who stick it out alongside me and our loyal employees.

Our Message Forum Lastly Went Down!

This has been coming for fairly a while. We have now not been in a position to attain the one that controlled the earlier platform upon which our Internet message forum has been situated for a really long time.

Regardless of our efforts, we have been also not in a position to save all our historical past. The discussion board was inaccessible to some members at first. Then more individuals could not rise up there. Lastly, the entire construction collapsed.

Subsequently, longtime member and supporter, Jim Foley, received to work and created an entire new discussion board that is arrange very similar to the unique one, except the historical past of all our threads, posts and conversations aren’t there, anymore.

So it’s time to begin some new conversations!

Yow will discover the new forum at the similar hyperlink the place the earlier one was by clicking right here: 49’er Message Discussion board

I’ll make my first appearance by posting a hyperlink to this text. Then one other to the continued Legal Fund-raiser.

The New 49’ers Legal Fund-raiser!

 Gold and Silver Eagles

American Gold & Silver Eagles!

There shall be 25 prizes in all:

Grand Prize: 1-ounce American Gold Eagle
Four ¼-ounce American Gold Eagles
Ten 1/10th-ounce American Gold Eagles
Ten 1-ounce American Silver Eagles

This drawing will take place in Completely satisfied Camp, California at our office on the shut of enterprise on 25 October 2018.

Legal contributions might be organized by calling (530) 493-2012, by mailing to The New 49’ers Legal Fund, P.O. Box 47, Glad Camp, CA 96039, or on-line by clicking Here.

Your contribution to The New 49’er Legal Fund is tax-deductible.

2018-19 Winter Workplace Hours

Until there is some sort of emergency like a wild hearth, our mining properties are all the time open to New 49’er members 24 hours per day, 365 days per yr.

To conserve financial assets through the winter months when there is so little walk-in visitors, we’ve got decreased walk in office hours to 9 am by means of 4 pm, Monday, Tuesday and Friday. These new office hours will begin on 1 October.

There is a telephone message service for those who name at a time when the telephone is not being answered.

Reminder that we have now an emergency Inner Affairs phone connection that works all the time by calling Rich Krimm at (510) 681 8066. Please do not use this quantity in an try to talk about routine matters! It is for emergencies solely.

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