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ACLU Opposes Armed Civilians Arresting Illegal Aliens at the Border – GOPUSA

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On Wednesday, Tuesday, the United States Patriots, patrolling the US-Mexico border in the Sunland Park area, arrested over 300 immigrants who illegally crossed the border.

A gaggle claiming to be on the border "to maintain and defend the United States Constitution", patrolling the desert near Sunland Park in New York and looking for immigrants

. Members of United Constitutional Patriots, a gaggle held in detention by some 300 immigrants, together with youngsters. The video begins in the middle of the case of the US Border Guard Platform and already on-website agents

In the video, he says repeatedly: "This is an attack … and it never ends"

The group claims on its website that it does not break anything state or federal laws.

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The New Mexican Federation of American Residents' Freedoms disagrees with the group that referred to as their "illegal."

In a letter sent to New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan to Grisham and New Mexico Professor Hector Balderas, ACLU officers are being asked to research the "armed vigilante group, which is currently engaged in hundreds of immigrants arresting illegally near the southern border of New Mexico."

The letter states that "armed fascist militia organization des united constitution Patriots arrested nearly three hundred people seeking security in the United States, including young children, near Sunland Park, New Mexico. Other videos seem to be arresting within a few hours." , including Jim Benvie, who sent videos and photographs of unlawful arrests to social media, usually are not police or regulation enforcement, and wouldn’t have New Mexico or federal regulation powers to retain or arrest immigrants in the United States. ”

It continues: The reliable efforts of regulation enforcement authorities to keep the New Mexico households protected and undermine the confidence of the group. The cool racism of the Trump administration has inspired white nationalists and fascists to blatantly violate the regulation. there isn’t any place in our nation: we can’t permit the capture and arrest of racist and armed vigilants for asylum seekers. We urge you to research this terrible and criminality immediately. "

ACLU makes a letter stating that" Trump's administrative authority has put white nationalists and fascists on the brunt of breaking the law. This has no place in our country: we cannot allow kidnapping and arrest of racist and armed vigilants for asylum seekers. We urge you to investigate this terrible and illegal activity immediately. "

The leaders of United Constitutional Patriots couldn’t be immediately acquired by telephone or social media on Friday. United Constitutional Patriots members have sent dozens of videos of desert and fascinating immigrants they discover in the desert.

Movies present women and men utilizing camouflage-army shapes and theft boundaries on the lookout for a border. The group data videos on its Facebook page to document the state of affairs of immigrants at the border and "show the truth to the Americans," Jim Benvie, a spokesman for New Mexico Border Ops, advised El Paso Occasions in an earlier interview

"Truth has not been told about this crisis," Benvie stated. "Many people blame the president (Donald) for making the crisis, and I think the videos we've produced here that aren't left or right show that this is a crisis."

New Mexico Lawyer Hector Balderas stated in a press release that the group shouldn’t act as a regulation enforcement company

”My office has been knowledgeable that this week, almost 300 individuals have been arrested by an armed group close to Sunland Park, New Mexico, New Mexico Lawyer Hector Balderas stated in a press release. "These individuals should not try to exercise the powers reserved to the law enforcement agency."

US. Border Patrol El Paso officers could not be instantly commented. The El Paso space covers West Texas and all New Mexico.

Group leader says offering Border Patrol help, former CBP Commissioner stated they don't want citizen patrols

Visit to El Paso, former US Customs and Border Control Commissioner Kevin Okay. McAleena, March is now Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security, briefly discussing armed civilian groups controlling the border.

"Critical Aspects of Managing Immigrants in Relation to the Department of Homeland Security in Co-operation with NGOs and the Religious Community," McAleenan stated at a press conference on 27 March 2019 at the border in Chihuahuit District, Downtown El Paso.

He continued: “We do not ask civil society groups to offer border control help. We work intently with, and reply to, citizens who see issues in or around their environment. But we don’t need teams of residents to help patrol the border. "

Benvie stated in a current interview that the group consists of voluntary conflict veterans and retired regulation enforcement who need to help shield the border.

”We didn’t come right here as a militia but as a gaggle of People who assist shield the border from the crisis right here, Benvie stated. “This is a national security issue. It is clear that Border Patrol is also part of this, and we are trying to help them as far as the overload, which currently has areas that are not covered by border control, because we have too many people coming across the border and claiming false asylum. ”

The group notes that they’ve members on the US-Mexico border, corresponding to Texas, New Mexico and Arizona

The El Paso sector has seen giant numbers of immigrants getting into the area in current months turning into the second busiest spot on the Mexican border

Border Patrol has made more than 71,000 petitions in El Paso this yr, in contrast with about 11,000 a yr ago

USA. Border Patrol officials stated that 1,800 immigrants have been arrested on Tuesday, half of these in El Paso subway area.

”It leaves the whole lot open to cartels and people who need to smuggle medicine, human trafficking and all the other unlawful felony parts you’ll be able to imagine,” Benvie stated. “These are numbers you’ll be able to't hear. You only hear the numbers that each one catch, you don't hear what the border is just not saved. "

Human Rights Group:" They Have No Competence "

Fernando Garcia, Director Human rights teams at the Human Rights Border Network will not be entitled to arrest anybody and only create a harmful state of affairs.

”We’ve got beforehand expressed our concern about the danger of armed civilian groups and the dangers of making an attempt to regulate immigration laws, Garcia stated. “It is extremely clear that these armed civilian teams should not have the energy to stop or query anyone as a result of they don’t seem to be regulation enforcement officials and usually are not part of the regulation enforcement company. They haven’t any authority. "

He added that armed militias have triggered a dangerous state of affairs in the past, together with members of an armed civilian group who shoot and kill their father and daughter in Arizona.

“They use weapons to stop the immigrants from going through, and this could end in a tragedy,” Garcia stated. “We had a number of years ago in Arizona, where considered one of these armed civilian teams killed father and daughter in order that it might occur once more. If no regulation enforcement authority takes these groups significantly and screens their activities, we noticed this again. "

Minutemen American Defense workforce members Shawna Forde, Jason Eugene Bush and Albert Gaxiola have been sentenced in 2009 for residence theft in Arivaca, Arizona, Arizona Every day Star reported

Forden believed to be a drug smuggler to get money for cash laundering

The group killed Flores and his 9-yr-previous daughter Brisenia Flores.

Forde and Bush have been sentenced to demise for their position in grief, the Associated Press stories. Gaxiola was sentenced to life in prison.

Garcia claimed that armed civilian groups "take the racist agenda" and convey hatred to the group.

”These groups say they’ve come to the border because they respond to President Trump's request to protect the border, Garcia stated. “It’s clear that they’re adopting a racist ideology and an agenda based mostly on immigration, and the combination of all this creates a really explosive state of affairs. We ask you to look into these groups and ask our regulation enforcement authorities to look at these teams to see in the event that they violate human rights and convey our racist group to our group. "

Garcia stated that no immigrant has spoken has raised questions that they’ve had with the group. When the group stays at the border, Garcia stated that his group is in search of individuals near the group to comply with and report their activities.

"We are getting closer and looking at their activities," Garcia stated. "We are going to get people to the area where they are, is the South New Mexico area to observe their actions and see if they violate their personal rights."


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